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About the founder


Sameer Mekde is the founder of Equiedge Research and is a SEBI Registered Research Analyst with a wealth of experience as a Market Participant since 2012. He possesses extensive knowledge in both Fundamental and Technical Research. An avid reader and a dedicated student of Capital Markets, Sameer is continually expanding his understanding and expertise. In light of the rapidly growing markets and the dynamic shifts they bring, it is clear that in a progressive economy like ours, information on market movements is readily accessible to the public through various internet sources. However, he aims to extract crisp, clear, and noise-free advice from this abundance of information. Sameer aims to provide valuable insights and information that would be highly beneficial to the trading and investing community.




Our Expert Team Members



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Research Analyst


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To build a trader and investor friendly environment where we partner to create wealth from Capital Markets.


To Grow Investors wealth by 25% annually.
To bring about financial literacy and awareness by empowering investors with personalized services through credible research.
To imbibe a culture where transparency, honesty and ethics comes above everything else

Our Philosophy

‘Price’ reflects everything, and great things always come at a price. I use my years of experience as a technical analyst by combining it with fundamental analysis to choose companies in the small and mid-cap space. To generate high returns, our recipe for success includes 40% of fundamental analysis and60% of technical analysis.

Our Purpose

To give you the financial freedom that you aspire.

Disciplined research & investment process to achieve short & long-term goals

For every bad trading decision you make, you might end up losing X amount of money. To prevent such a situation from arising, all you need is professional and expert advice. I literally understand the “tricks of the trade”, and therefore I am here to guide you through every step of the way. My goal is to help my trader community succeed by offering timely insights and the best strategies.

Strong analysis

Our process and strategy are a result of strong research and analysis that is carried out periodically to ensure high returns.

Consistent growth

Our investment strategy and style are focused on increasing the investor’s capital and long-term gains.

Right advice

Offering sound financial advice is our forte. You can be rest assured that we are working towards your objectives.