Portfolio Management Service(PMS):

The stock market is unpredictable. Investment in the market, therefore, requires time, knowledge, and constant monitoring. It also needs a solid experience and strong research to make the right decision. Even more importantly, you need to get the timing of the investment right. It thus requires great expertise.

As a result, there are many who wish for an expert to help manage their investments. If you are one among them, then our portfolio management services (PMS) is your answer.

What does Our Company offer?

The business of portfolio management has never been an easy one. Managers have to ensure that they deliver sizeable returns without compromising the safety.

Our company has over a decade’s experience in providing portfolio management services, where we help you understand the way into the market.

At our company, we use a transparent approach to investing your hard-earned money. You will always be consulted, advised and informed of all your investments. Thus, you have total control over your portfolio.

Benefits of Portfolio Management Service


The biggest worry is misuse of funds. However, that won’t apply here. Every investment decision taken would be conveyed along with detailed reasons. You will be always kept up-to-date on the allocation and distribution of your funds.

Scientific investment decisions:

PMS provides a scientific and disciplined basis for investing. Besides, you have the flexibility of making investment decisions after speaking to our research team.


Traditional investment options do not provide a team of dedicated investment consultants. PMS will provide you exclusive access to our research team and their reports.

Learn while you earn:

The consultative investment approach of our PMS gives you an opportunity to learn the nuances, understand the rationale and details behind every investment decision.

Why Invest With Us?

Buy & Hold philosophy with focus on better post tax returns for the clients

Stock selection based on Quality of Management / Cash Reserves / Return on Equity / Valuations at which the stock is available

Value is the one of the PMS in the country with 14 year + track record launched in March 2003

MOAMC Flagship "Value Strategy " has consistently outperformed the benchmark across market cycles over a 13 year period.

MOAMC PMS has one of the largest active accounts (More than 20,624) on PMS platform.

MOAMC - PMS has active clients in 148 different cities right from Agra to Vijaywada ; a testimony of strong acceptance of our PMS across the length & breadth of the country
Focused Portfolio Investments for client.

Clients will get 24 *7 access to his portfolio on the web. ( Transparency )

Client will get CA Certified Tax statement end of every financial year

Products We have for you

Value StrategyThe Value Strategy aims to benefit from the long term compounding effect on investments done in good businesses, run by great business managers for superior wealth creation.The Strategy has the investment style of buying Undervalued stock & Sell overvalued stocks, irrespective of index movements.

Next Trillion Dollar OpportunityThe NTDOP Aims to deliver superior returns by investing in focused themes which are part of the next trillion dollar GDP growth opportunity The Strategy endeavor to capitalize on the themes of consumerism, Banking & Financial Services & Infrastructure in the Indian Economy.

India Opportunities Portfolio Strategy The IOP will aim to capitalize on this growth by investing in companies which are expected to grow along with India and meet our unique investment philosophy of QGLP. The Strategy is a multicap strategy with exposure across market segments such as Large Cap, Midcap & Small cap to take the advantage of different market trends

Reasons For Invest With Us

Amongst India 's leading PMS service providers, with Assets under Management of approx Rs.10,940 Crores.

Our Flagship "Value Strategy " has consistently outperformed the benchmark across market cycles over a 14 year period
Value Strategy 's performance is rated by internationally reputed agency Morningstar every quarter
Monthly PMS Communique and performance reports delivered plus event-based interaction with fund management team
Dedicated Relationship Managers for your account and centralized team of service coordinators for hassle-free servicing (on select a/c 's)
Local Servicing from large network of branches across India
24 X 7 access to your portfolio on the web

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